David Bedford

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The Way I Love You 

cover - The Way I Love YouIllustrated by Ann James
Published by Little Hare Books

I Love...
the way you always care,
the way you're always there,
that's the way I love you.

I wrote this book for and about my daughter.

Few could fail to me moved by this simple story of the love between a child and her dog. David Bedford’s few carefully chosen words, combined with probably the best illustrations I’ve ever seen from Ann James, make this an exceptional picture book, an almost perfect example of the genre. It’ll bring a smile to your face and a warm glow to your heart. And if you loved Guess How Much I Love You, you’ll love this - only more.

That’s the way I love it! Good Reading magazine

The Way I Love You is an uplifting book. It’s one that celebrates the special people and animals in life who brighten our world simply by their presence.

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Available in UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Japan and USA


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