David Bedford

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Hairy Monkey

written with Deborah Jackson
illustrated by Joanne Stone

cover - Hairy Monkey

Hairy Monkey isn't happy. Elephant is giving a party, and there's a prize for the best coat. Hairy's mum thinks Hairy is going to win. Unfortunately, he isn't.

A funny story about self-esteem, with various textures inside such as a scratchy porcupine, a smooth swan, and a brilliantly jazzy salamander, as well as a furry Hairy Monkey.

Available in UK, USA, France, Spain and the Netherlands.


isbn: 978-1857075465
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Tiger Eats Pizza

Illustrated by Jan Lewis

cover - Tiger Eats Pizza

Tiger only eats cheese and tomato pizza. But when he invites his friends over, they - and Tiger's mum - have other ideas.

Tiger's tale is about NOT getting your own way every time - and why that might be fun! There are textures and novelties inside, from slippery-slimy fish to a moving supermarket checkout, and last of all a pop-up fish-strawberry-and-spaghetti pizza!


Available in UK and Netherlands.


isbn: 978-1857075687
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