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Could YOU be my new Patron school? I’m looking for FABULOUS new school to link up with, in the UK, or anywhere in the world.

For the past few years I was Patron of Reading at West Earlham Infant and Nursery in Norwich... where my true title in school was ... Celebrity Author!


After spending many days in school, and getting to know staff and children, I was inspired to write a book about a VERY naughty wolf and some ULTRA GOOD ninja pigs... which I dedicated to the children and staff, so that even when I’m not there - and I WILL be back - my good ninjas can keep a close eye on things. Here I am handing over a pre-publication copy, hot off the press.


Could I be your school’s Patron?


What Does a ’Patron of Reading’ do?

Patrons of Reading are authors with a particular interest - possibly even a mission - in encouraging children to become lifelong readers, and gain all the benefits that reading brings to life in school and beyond.

Patrons attend ’Reading for Pleasure’ conferences, swap ideas, hear directly from literacy experts (I’m associated with The National Literacy Trust) and gain vast experience from visiting a range of schools, home and abroad.

In reality though, in this relationship, THE SCHOOL LEADS. The school knows what they want, and the Patron becomes a partner to it. But the school has to lead, and commit time, energy and resource - including paying for author visits, alas.

So what IS a Patron of Reading?

It’s simply whatever the school and author decide it should be, to get the best out of the relationship. It’s an Author in Residence and more - but what ’more’ means is for the school to decide.

For more info, see the Patron of Reading website.