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cover - Little Bear's Big JumperLittle Bear's Big Jumper

Illustrated by Caroline Pedler
Published by Little Tiger Press

Big Bear wants to keep his favourite jumper for himself, even though it's getting too small for him. But the day has finally come for him to hand it down to Little Bear, who loves it just as much. Then Little Bear gets the jumper wet, and muddy, and tangled in a bush, and there is soon trouble for both bears to resolve.

This is a gentle story about older and younger siblings learning to get along. Some very clever and appropriate soft-to-touch 'flocking' throughout the book allows children to feel their way along as the story - and the jumper - unravels...

Available in the UK, USA, Sweden, Slovenia, Portugal, Korea, Iceland, Holland, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.


isbn: 978-1845067564
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Hardback isbn: 978-1845067540
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Little OtterLittle Otter's Big Journey

Illustrated by Susan Winter
Published by Scholastic Children’s Book

Little Otter was born on the edge of the big, blue sea. He lay on his mother’s belly and felt warm in the sun.
Little Otter’s mother needs to search for food, but Little Otter is scared to dive under the sea with her. Little Otter is left safely wrapped in a blanket of seaweed, with instructions not to wander, but there are simply too many interesting things, and Little Otter is soon tempted to explore...


isbn: 978-0439950848
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cover - Ella's GamesElla's Games

Illustrated by Peter Kavanagh
Published by Scholastic Children’s Books

This will always be one of my favourite books, about Ella the mouse, who is the best mouse to play with because she has the biggest imagination. It even has mouse pirates in it!

A SUPER hardback book for any young reader who loves a good tale with beautifully illustrated pictures.

Young Edition

Available in UK, USA, Germany, France, Netherlands, Korea and Quebec, Canada.

Signed copies available from me,
- email for details

Publication Rights for this book are available, for more information see here

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cover - Mo's Smelly JumperMo's Smelly Jumper

Illustrated by Edward Eaves
Published by Little Tiger Press

Mo Monkey loves his rainbow jumper. He wears it all the time, and he even cleans his face and feet with it!
Soon Mo's jumper starts to smell, and his mother is determined to wash it. But Mo, and his friends Ellie and Tig, have other ideas...

This story was a great stimulus for talking at group time about favourite things, and is definitely one to read to the child in your setting who insists on wearing their wellies in the middle of summer!

Practical Pre-school

lots of opportunities for children to join in with the story


Available in UK, USA, Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Korea


isbn: 978-1854309105
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cover - What Are You Doing in My BedWhat Are You Doing In My Bed?

Illustrated by Daniel Howarth
Published by Little Tiger Press

Kip the kitten has nowhere to sleep on a cold winter's night. So he creeps though a cat door, and curls up snug in somebody else's bed!

A warm, cuddly bedtime story in which Kip's dogged ingenuity wins through, and everyone who lays claim to the bed gets a good night's sleep in the end.

A delightful tale

South Wales Argus

Available in UK, France, Poland, Greece, Korea and Taiwan.


isbn: 978-1854308603
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New mini-hardback isbn: 978-1845060800
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cover - Big Bears CanBig Bears Can

Illustrated by Gaby Hansen
Published by Little Tiger Press

Dad says he can do everything - but can he?

Recommended for ‘Best Spring Reading’ by Wendy Cope, Daily Telegraph.

immensely huggable bears that will delight the very young

School Library Association.

Available in UK, USA, France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, China, Thailand, Taiwan and Korea.


isbn: 978-1854307194
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cover - It's My Turn!It's My Turn!

Illustrated by Elaine Field
Published by Little Tiger Press

Oscar the dog and Tilly the cat find a playground - but who goes first?

a great book for preschoolers about sharing

Shield's Gazette.

Available in UK, USA, France, Australia, Korea, Spain, Thailand and Taiwan.


isbn: 978-1854306708
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cover - Copy CrocsCopy Crocs

Illustrated by Emily Bolam
Published by Oxford University Press

Crocodile is always thinking up fun things to do - but the other crocs keep joining in and crowding him out!

Emily Bolam has drawn a great bunch of coloured crocs which are hilarious as they bash about in their overcrowded pool, sunbathe by a stretch of river, float on logs downstream, and, finally, crowd together on the top of a mountain.

Crocodile longs to escape the Copy Crocs, and at last he does. It’s only then that he realises he misses his boisterous friends.

A moral for us all in this busy lonely planet.

The Oxford Times

The individualist comes to realise the fun in sharing and the gregarious among us have to learn to respect other people’s need for space

The School Librarian

Available in UK and USA
Shortlisted for the Portsmouth Book Award, 2005

Publication rights for this book are available, for more information see here

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