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Shaggy Dog and The Terrible Itch 

cover - Shaggy Dog and the Terrible ItchIllustrated by Gwyneth Williamson
Published by Little Tiger Press

Shaggy Dog has an itch that just won't go away. His friends are willing to help, but only if he helps them first.
This story began one summer, when my dog starting wriggling on his back in front of me. Either

(a) he’d learned break-dancing and was showing off,

(b) he’d discovered there was treasure under the carpet and was digging a hole to find it, or

(c) he had some new pets of his own - fleas!

When I found out it was (c), I thought I’d write a story about it.

words and pictures are well matched in this humorous, modern-day fable

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isbn: 978-1854307378
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Paperback with CD.
Wonderful, witty narration by
Doon Mackichan and Jamie Theakston

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