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Hound Dog 

cover - Hound DogIllustrated by Melanie Williamson
Published by Oxford University Press

Hound Dog is moving to the country, leaving his best friend Jojo behind.

'Will you write letters?' says Jojo.
'Every day!' promises Hound Dog.

A fun story about moving home, making new friends - and keeping old ones.

Hound Dog and Jojo tell their stories in a series of letters and photographs. Hound Dog learns how to lasso, and writes to tell Jojo all about it. But Hound Dog is joining the Mean Dog Gang - and that means trouble. Will Jojo be in time to save him?

this delightful children’s book is terrific to read aloud and is laugh out loud funny


a wonderful lesson in the purposes of literacy

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Available in UK and USA.


isbn: 978-0192791320
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