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It's a George thing

cover - It's George ThingIllustrated by Russell Julian
Published by Egmont

George the zebra has two best friends. Peachy is a gorilla who likes playing Big Ball (basketball) all the time. Moon is a lion who only plays Rocks (lifting weights). George joins in with his friends – but Big Ball and Rocks are not really his thing.

What is George’s Thing? - Click to hear the music...

Do the George Thing
Funky Dance Music for Zebras
And More!

(Music composed by Barry Gibson for Egmont UK Ltd.)

One day George hears Priscilla playing music, and suddenly and instinctively he knows…

Has George been watching too much Strictly? What will his friends say when they find out he’s going to be the star of Priscilla’s Show?

It’s a George Thing! is about finding your own thing, believing in it – and learning that your best friends will believe in it too

for teachers and parents looking to instil confidence.

Bookseller Make Space For These Sept. ’07


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isbn: 978-1405228053
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