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The Team series 

David Bedford's The Football Machine David Bedford's The Football Machine David Bedford's Top of the League David Bedford's Superteam David Bedford's Banned David Bedford's Masters of Soccer David Bedford's Football Rules David Bedford's Soccer Superstars David Bedford's World Cup Heroes

Young footballers will love these books. They are great fun to read and are highly recommended.

Mary Crawford,The School Librarian

The Team series is ideal for emerging readers aged 7 to 11. The stories can be read in any order.


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cover - The Football MachineThe Football Machine

Harvey's team always loses. But Professor Gertie, Harvey's neighbour, thinks she has the perfect solution: Mark 1, the Soccer Machine. He has a metal body covered with Squidgy Skin, a top speed of 60km/h, and he's programmed to win.

isbn 978-1877003349

Cover - Top of the LeagueTop of the League

The Team are on top! They only need one more point to win the league. But when Darren, the goalkeeper, lets in an easy shot, the rest of The Team are furious. Suddenly they're all arguing - and losing. Will Harvey's brainwave save The Team - or is he being just too silly?

isbn 978-1877003370

cover - Soccer CampSoccer Camp

The Team are about to play the Best of the Best at Soccer Camp, but if anyone finds out they've brought a robot instead of a responsible grown-up, they'll be sent home immediately. Luckily, Mark 1, the Football Machine, is in disguise...

isbn 978-1877003523

cover - SuperteamSuperteam

Harvey has spent his entire life savings on a pair of Armadillo Aces, the best soccer boots money can buy. But when Professor Gertie melts them, and rich kid Jackie Spoyle starts trying to buy up The Team, Harvey is desperate. He needs to play. He needs to keep The Team together. He needs boots - now.

isbn 978-1877003639

cover - Banned!Banned!

The Team are competing for the Floodlights Cup! The problem is, Harvey has been spending too much time dreaming up new moves for The Team, and not enough time on his schoolwork. Harvey's teacher is not impressed, and bans Harvey from playing soccer. Can The Team win without him?

isbn 978-1877003929

cover - Masters of SoccerMasters of Soccer!

Harvey and Darren only want to play soccer. But their headmistress, Mrs Pinto, has other ideas. She needs two strong lads for her new project: ballet!  And she already has leotards with Harvey and Darren's names on them... This is Harvey's most desperate and tense adventure so far.

isbn 978-1921049347

cover - Football RulesFootball Rules

Harvey is having a bad match. It's too hot. The Team can't score. And then when they do, the Ref says it wasn't a goal. Harvey gets so angry he tells the Ref he isn't doing his job properly... Then Harvey gets his first ever Red Card. He has to leave the field. He won't be able to play in next week's Cup Final. And the worst punishment of all is - he has to go to Referee School!

isbn 978-1921541278

cover - Soccer SuperstarsSoccer Superstars

The Team are on a high. They have just won the Superstars Record for the most unbeaten matches. It's one of the oldest records in the league. The problem is, the record is jinxed.

Bonk! Steffi and Matt crash heads. Snap! Harvey's shot breaks the crossbar.
And then Mark 1, the genius football machine, starts playing for their opponents!

isbn 978-1921541285

cover - World Cup Heroes World Cup Heroes

The Team have achieved everything Harvey had dreamed they would. They've won a silver trophy, medals, league titles, and they hold the Superstars Record. Harvey, though, has been having a new dream. In it, The Team are playing in the World Cup final... and they're winning! Can Harvey's impossible dream be about to come true?

isbn 978-1921541292

The Team series has been translated into lots of different languages.
Here’s The Football Machine and its snazzy translations.

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