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The Dinosaur Games  

cover - Titus the DinoIllustrated by Dan Kerleroux
Published by Macmillan Children's Books

Long ago by a bubbling volcano
They held the Great Dinosaur Games
And all of the sporty young reptiles
Had to line up and call out their names.

Titus the T-Rex roared loudest.
He said, 'I'm a tough lizard king.
There's no point in trying to beat me,
I'm going to win EVERYTHING!'

But Titus's DOESN'T win everything. After slipping on his go-faster socks, he begins a terrible losing streak, getting splashed in the pool by a Nessie, and having his toe stood on by a sturdy Ankylosaur!

Titus has soon had enough. And then matters get far worse …

A fiery ball in the distance!
A meteor zooming their way!
DISASTER was coming from deep outer space.
Someone must help save the day!

Titus does his best to save the dinosaurs from extinction. He also discovers the thing he's really good at - AND invents a new game


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