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Daddy Does the Cha Cha Cha  

cover - Daddy does the Cha-Cha-ChaIllustrated by Bridget Stevens-Marzo
Published by Little Hare Books

Dougie (a young elephant) loves dancing - but so does his Dad. And when Dougie's Dad dances, there is hardly room for anyone else.

Dougie's friends Ambrose, Serena and Meera have the same problem. Dancing Dads are spoiling their parties!

Dougie makes a rule: No Dancing Dads.

And that seems to be okay, for a while. At last, Dougie and his friends have room to dance. But can the toe-tapping Dads really watch from the sidelines ... ?

This book explores the playful relationship between children and their dads - and shows the world that Dad Dancing can be cool too.


Available in UK, Australia, and New Zealand


isbn: 978-1921049903
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isbn 978-1921541162
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