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Because I Love You  

cover - Because I Love YouIllustrated by Rebecca Harry
Published by Nosy Crow

Because sometimes we need reminding of all of the small kindnesses given to us daily, by those who love us …

This story was born out of a real child’s bedtime experience, though for a gorgeous, huggy bedtime book, it just had to be a story about bears!

One bedtime, Little Bear feels sad.
‘I don’t think I’ve had any love today,’ he says.
But Little Bear has had LOTS of love that day, and every day. His mother helps him to remember their glorious, golden day, filled with care and kindnesses, fun and games – and not forgetting that extra dollop of sticky honey at tea time.

And why does his mother do all these things for him? Little Bear soon learns why: because she loves him.

Little Bear loves his mother, too, and after a big, big hug, he settles down to sleep, with enough love inside him to last the whole night through.



isbn: 9780857632364
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isbn: 9781742975351
(out in January 2015)

Published in the UK, Germany, France and China (simplified and complex).