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Babies Don't Bite  

cover - Babies Don't BiteIllustrated by Tor Freeman
Published by Hodder Children's Books

'My mum's having a baby!'

Unfortunately, Hegley's friends are NOT impressed. Their own mums are having babies too. And, Hegley's friends believe, babies aren't anything to get excited about. Babies pull tails. Babies BITE. And what's more, babies don't like big brothers and sisters!

Hegley isn't put off so easily, and he explores the farmyard to find out about babies for himself. He's soon having fun with,

ten baby rabbits, with tickly, twitchy noses
nine baby guinea pigs, with smiley, smiley faces,
eight baby kittens, with bright, shiny eyes,
and many, many more babies besides.

None of the babies bite. Or pull tails. And in the end, even Hegley's friends agree,

'Babies are FAB, and they love their big brothers and sisters to bits!'

This gentle and amusing story explores the feelings children can have when a new baby is coming. It includes a COUNTING element (one to ten) and is endearingly illustrated by the brilliant Tor Freeman.

Babies Don't Bite will be out in the UK in January 2012, and is also available in the USA, France, and Korea.

Available in UK, USA, France and Korea

isbn: 978-1444903522
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